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How To Pack When Relocating To A New Office?

May 14

As a professional moving company in Santa Cruz, CA - we understand how difficult it is to pack when relocating to a new office. 

Choose the correct packing supplies first when moving to a new workplace. Once you have moved, take all your documents and put your documents in one spot. You can donate goods to the new building you will not use again. Label all of the boxes with a clear label.

To help you, we've created a list of things to consider when packing your new office.

How Should I Pack When Relocating To A New Office?

This checklist will guide you on "how" to pack properly. The process of packing may seem simple however it can be challenging, particularly when dealing with items that are delicate. Consider these packing suggestions to help you pack when moving to an office space.

Tip #1 - Plan ahead

You could end up having to scramble at an inconvenient time if don't prepare your move well in advance. Everyone doesn't want to be at work late at night, stuffing staplers into boxes or trying to figure out the best way do you get twelve big printers in order to move.

If you are moving into your new office, you'll want to put plans in place for what your furniture will be placed and prepare everything to move in. Design the layout of your office and common spaces, in addition to any other requirements you might require, with a plan. Don't forget to prepare a budget for your move. Knowing the amount of money you'll need is crucial.

Tip #2 - Make the right type of boxes

It is important to pack heavy objects into compact boxes when moving. Big boxes filled with heavy items can be difficult to maneuver even for an experienced office relocation firm located in Santa Cruz. They do not just make the task harder and time-consuming, but they also pose the potential to break.

Tip #3 - Create an organizational folder for moving

Start collecting new addresses and rental or purchase documents as well as moving contracts and other documents in one folder. If your phone or computer batteries are running low in the course of the move, think about using a physical copy instead of the digital version. You'll have the solution - and also the records of agreements, payment, and more, in case in case any questions arise during the planning stage or during the actual moving.

Tip #4: Keep office documents and papers in a single box

To stay clear of doing things that do not make sense, look through the documents you have accumulated and categorize the documents into 3 categories: packing shred, recycle, and pack.

When you go through your documents You're likely to discover a number of outdated and unnecessary documents. Don't spend time packing and transferring them.


The answer is easy to find to shred any unnecessary sensitive information documents, and then recycle the remainder of the paperwork that is not needed.

After you've packed an item with vital documents, you can tape the lid closed and label the box with a brief description of what's in it. Also, note the name of your home office on the boxes so that you know what to do with them when you've moved into your new house.

Tip #5: Label boxes carefully

Label every box with a place and a digit for the best effectiveness. Keep an excel spreadsheet that lists each box's number as well as the contents contained within. It's a bit extra effort but it'll help you save a lot of time as you settle to your new home and is available to all.

We've compiled 10 steps to pack for moving to the new office.


Moving into a new office can be difficult to everyone who is involved not just the employees. It's an enormous task to relocate to a new workplace and you're likely doing it to help a worthy cause. Prepare ahead of time to ensure that your tasks don't slip between the cracks, know what to do first and then make sure you hire a relocation manager early as you can.

If you have additional issues with moving, 831 Movers is a professional moving company in Santa Cruz, CA that's always willing to help and assist you in your move.


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